New book is ‘heartbreakingly, gut wrenchingly, unputdownably beautiful’

New book is ‘heartbreakingly, gut wrenchingly, unputdownably beautiful’

Press release: November 2015


New book is ‘heartbreakingly, gut wrenchingly, unputdownably beautiful’


Neil del Strother’s just-launched second novel, The Girl with a Deer on a Lead is already receiving very enthusiastic reviews. His first novel, The Flower in the Desert, a short fable, continues to sell well and is translated into Italian and German.


The Girl with a Deer on a lead is a book of beauty and healing, of enchantment and love. It is the life-affirming story of Finn, who has given up on life, who barely eats, and his journeys into another world. There he meets his fate, to save the world and lose what he loves most or to destroy it and keep his love. It is his choice and our choice, a choice that may just change your life…


“Neil del Strother is a master painter of majestic, mystic tales of the depth and breadth of human emotion, evoking wondrous pictures in the readers mind and making one truly get lost in Fairie! Well, I did get lost, lost in a timeless, spacious space of soul suspension! Surely, Neil writes in language of liquid colour, fragrance, taste, and from a place of openness, sensitive exposure and personal vulnerability.” Naraya Naserian, Director of YouthShift Africa.


The Girl with a Deer on a Lead’s genre is a mix of magical realism and the work of writers such as St Exupery, Richard Bach, Paulo Coelho and Philip Pullman (while being nothing like any of them really!). The main thing is that it is a very entertaining read. It is written primarily for adults but it is also appropriate for younger readers


Neil is an author, journalist, Journey Practitioner and podcast host. He has a Masters in Journalism, a dipPsych and an Honours degree in Politics and American Studies. He also have some experience of shamanism, including taking part in healing ceremonies with Bushmen in the Kalahari desert. See


For more information please contact literary agent: Claire Wilkinson 07981 915869


(NB..The book’s beautiful cover is created by painter Lorna Holdcroft

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