At Mystery Bar with Barry Durdant

At Mystery Bar with Barry Durdant

So whatever it was I was going to say last time has disappeared into the mists of my memory. It would have to be exceptionally good to be worth the wait anyway…and I doubt somehow it was that good. Life changing perhaps, but hey, a lot of things are life changing.

So instead of bringing you enlightenment I’ll bring you me mumbling on about all sorts of important things, such as the writing process, writing from the heart, and the role of men in these changing times. I’m sure I’m very insightful and sincere. It’s even possible that what I’m saying and entertainment coincide at some point. And, of course, giving these two interviews a listen will be life changing for you. How could it not be?

So the first interview, in the Mystery Bar, is me and my good friend Barry Durdant-Hollamby (fellow author and co-host of chatting about writing and publishing. This interview is in two parts:                                                   

The second interview is me chatting to Anna and the Angels (groovy name, groovy girl) about all sorts, including writing again, but also about various other things, not least about what it means for a man to be open emotionally etc:

Enjoy (if that’s the right word).

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