Anorexia and recovering from it…

Anorexia and recovering from it…

My latest book The Girl with a Deer on a Lead – a fable for adults (and teens) – has a range of underlying themes as this recent Amazon review illustrates:

A truly wonderful book that will touch and open hearts. This is a story that takes us through many realms on a journey of healing, of discovery and rediscovery of our purpose. This book is for anyone, but will especially resonate with anyone who is searching for truth and for love.


One core theme is around anorexia and, importantly, recovering from it. This short extract from my books gives a little, er, taste of this:

I felt a strange sensation in my stomach, a stirring, a feeling of emptiness that I’d not felt for a long time, and I realised that I felt truly hungry. Perhaps Amelia saw this in me as she handed me a fork. “Thank you,” I said, slowly, quietly, unfamiliar and awkward with words.

Amelia smiled the softest smile. “You’re welcome,” she replied matter of factly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world for me to speak. She walked from my room without another word, leaving me in peace. A part of me felt like calling after her, asking her to stay and talk to me, but I ignored it, that part of me, as I was not ready for its voice, for its desires. Instead I sat for a long moment looking down at the pasta, wondering at my hunger. Then I started to eat, taking the time to taste each morsel of gnocchi before swallowing it. I ate seven forkfuls in all, a feast by my standards, and my belly felt full and distended in a way it had not felt for many months. It was uncomfortable and I felt a kind of satisfaction in my discomfort. I pushed the bowl away from me, revolted now by the green snot-gnocchi that still filled it. I felt unusually tired. I stood slowly up and made my way to my bed. I snuggled in between the crisp sheets and fell instantly asleep. I did not dream. I did not need to.


See the for more details of my book and to order a copy too if you wish. It makes a great gift by the way!

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